Epson Perfection V700, V750, V800 and V850 Wet Mounting Kit optional wet mount tray

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Epson Perfection Scanner Starter Kit
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  • Front view of cover for Epson Perfection Pro V700, V750, V800, V850. Constructed with a 2 layer water resistant protective barrier, be rest assured that your printer is protected from unwanted contaminates including dust and light spills. Note that the high quality multi-ply construction also includes padding to avoid unwanted damage by bumps or hits. The inner layer of the cover provides a gentle but durable fabric that can easily be wiped clean.

Product Overview

The Aztek Wet Mount kit for the Epson Perfection Scanners includes all items to get started with optical wet mounting with your Epson scanner.

The KAMI Advantage

Improves Optical Quality of Film Scanning & is Easy & Safe to Use

KAMI LIGHT PATHKAMI fluid has been put to test and is used by the most fastidious of scanner operators to capture the most from their film. The KAMI fluid acts as a medium in which allows the optimum path for light to pass through film and into your scanner's optics. The main issue with conventional dry scanning is scanning surfaces become detrimental in obstructing the light path during the scanning process. Light can stray not only between the film and scanning surface but diffract as light passes through the actual grain of the film. Unlike dry mounting Using the KAMI fluid will decrease the scattering effect of light as it passes through the film. Hence giving you noticeably clean scans without the annoying blooming or newton rings typically seen in conventional dry scanning..


Another advantage to using KAMI fluid is that there will be less need for touch up as the KAMI fluid will fill in imperfections of the film surface. Saving you valuable time and money. Using this method of scanning will also yield an increase in the apparent focus/sharpness. This is achieved by the inherent physics and properties of the KAMI fluid's surface tension and cohesion between the film surface and scanner surface. Film is held evenly and flat across the scanning surface to allow a completely even focal plan for scanning.




The above targets represent the dramatic optical advantages of the KAMI fluid on an Epson V750 scanner. 


What is included in the kit

This kit includes a 1 liter bottle Kami Mounting Fluid SMF 2001, 1 bottle Anti Static Glass Cleaner 13oz,1 box of AZ-42 9 X 11 (100 sheets) Opticaly Clear Mylar, Bag of AZ-Wipes (150 sheets), 1/2" Kami tape, sample bag of 6 AZ-Gloves, applicator bottle and instructions.(Note that both Kami film cleaner RC 2001 and AZ-Gloves are optional items that can be purchased separately).  Also note that the V700, V800 and V850 scanners do not include the wetmount tray by default.  You may option to purchase one with the kit.  Note the Epson Perfection V750 includes the tray (scan area of 9.75" X 7.25"), you may order an addtional one with the kit however is not necessary. 


Instructional Video on Use

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  • 5
    Awesome Product, Awesome service

    Posted by Joe on 27th Mar 2019

    The Wet Mounting Kit for Epson Scanners is the perfect starting point. The kit contains everything one would need to begin wet scanning. Quick delivery time was a plus. Strongly recommended.

  • 5
    Wish i had started wet mount scanning years ago!

    Posted by Matt on 17th Apr 2018

    Great customer service with Aztek and product quality is top notch. Wishing I would have started wet mount scanning years ago. Thanks Aztek team!

  • 5
    Great Products

    Posted by John on 8th Jun 2016

    Purchased a kit for the Epson V750. Working with very small negatives (Minox) and the results are awesome. Using the products I am able to get print quality scans, from negatives that were given up for lost.