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Product Overview

main-app-icon-2-256x256.pngDPL 8.0 Pro for Windows 64bit and 32bit

Version 8 of DPL was created to bring new enhanced functionality as well extend the life of Howtek and Aztek scanning devices; by allowing the peripherals to be utilized with modern computer hardware utilizing 32bit or 64bit versions of Windows.  As well add some functionality and features to enhance the user and scanning experience.

Product Description

If you are struggling with achieving good results, it is not your scanner but likely your scanning software.

Patented features and years of development come together at a click of your finger. Digital PhotoLab brings forward support for AZTEK and Howtek drum scanners to run on modern day Windows Platforms such as Windows version 7, 8 and 10. Unlike any other scanning solution DPL knows film types and as you select media selections the scanning software directly optimizes the hardware for sampling. By selecting different media types within Digital PhotoLab you are physically changing the parameters of the analog digital converter within the scanner.  This actually allows you to remap the dynamic range of the scanner to the film you are scanning. 

This technique results in allowing you to get a full bit depth return from the scanner of the film you are scanning.  When scanning negative film, as the negative film information is very compressed this becomes even more important.  Further enhance your scanning experience by utilizing DPL’s auto features to automatically correct for exposure balance. Unattended scanning features for batch scanning are standard with all versions of Digital PhotoLab. Fully utilize your scanner’s capabilities, scan in 48bit mode and write files sizes beyond 4gigabytes.

Digital PhotoLab 8 comes standard with all the tools previously bundled with the Professional version, which provides the full level of control over your scanner.  Allow generation of your own media characterization from scratch, and customization of DPL’s auto analysis features and more supplied media selections.  When new media characterizations are generated they appear on the media drop down menu of the software in a User Defined area.  You simply just pick your new media characterization on the crop areas and then scan.  The returned scan to the screen will now be remapped to your parameters via the hardware. 


Version 8.0


Here are some of the new features and changes:


·  Compatibility added for 64bit versions of Windows, rewrote the  SCSI communication layer to provide x64 as well x32 bit OS support.

·  Added reset to default settings under file menu drop down in main application, provides quick and easy means of recovery if software settings get skewed. 

·  Software only available in Pro version.

·  Added ability to automatically create AIF file during CMS creation process, will allow user to go back to original CMS to edit and recreate CMS.

·  Validation check that user has first scanned with a Wide Gamut media selection prior to making a CMS.  If not requests user to scan first using wide gamut media selection.

·  Added load IAF/CMS in Image sub menu in Image drop down.

·  Increased size and capacity of visible area within batch window.

·  OS Power Management for sleep mode suspend while scanning operations in progress.

·  Window placement validation for tools and dialog windows, will not allow for hidden off screen window placement regardless of system resolution changes.

·  File Tags for Tiff and 48 Tiff header writes for author and copyright info, provides means for user to.

·  Aperture check feature, allows user to set multiple to screen details at set DPI and Aperture to compare.  Provides means for scanner operator to select appropriate settings.

·  Removed the only non-optical DPI selection 3200 from the resolution drop down.  Only applicable to the Premier, DPL 8000 and HR8000 scanners.

·  New built in help content including video resources.



Processor: Intel Processor Recommended

Memory: Minimum of 1Gb of system Memory

Storage: Application requires 500 megabytes of space.  Data for scan files to be scanned can be very demanding in storage.  Depending on format and media and resolutions scanned can vary.  For instance 1 scanned 8" X 10" film from a Premier can yield a 28 gigabyte file in 48bits.  Please keep this in mind when determining needed storage space. 

SCSI Interface:  SCSI I compatible interface to connect scanning device.  Note that you can option to purchase a SCSI kit on purchase of DPL 8.0 that is x64 & x32 bit compatible with option for PCIe slot compatibility.  (Please note that if you plan on reusing your previous SCSI board, insure that you have a SCSI solution that has driver support for whatever operating system you choose.  Not all SCSI solutions have supported drivers for both 32bit and 64bit operating systems.)

Display Adapter and Monitor:  It is important that your display adapter be capable of displaying 32bit color, we recommend running any resolution above 1152 X 864 at 32bit color depth. Many of the modern day computer systems are more than capable of running native screen resolutions equal and greater to the minimal recommendation.  

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 versions in both 32 bit as well 64 bit. 

USB Port:  Available connection for USB license dongle.  Dongle must be present and connected to your workstation.



Hardware Options on purchase

 +169.95 SCSI Board & Cable DPL 8.0 Bundle 64bit Support.(This option provides a SCSI PCI board with Windows 7/8 64&32 bit driver support for Windows along with an Aztek 6' triple shielded SCSI cable.)

+338 SCSI Board, Cable & PCIe adapter DPL 8.0 Bundle 64bit Support(This option provides a SCSI PCI board with Windows 7/8 64&32 bit driver support, PCI to PCIe adapter and an Aztek 6' triple shielded SCSI cable.)

+ 676 USB-SCSI Adapter & Extention DPL 8.0 Bundle 64bit Support(This option provides a USB SCSI emulator with Windows 7/8 64&32 bit driver support for Windows. Along with an USB root hub extender to extend the overall connection length over 18'.)


Already own DPL 7.5 or newer, if so you qualify for upgrade pricing.  Click here for further information.

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