Digital Color Calibration Kit

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Product Overview

AZTEK, together with Kodak, has created a product that simplifies the process of profiling and heightens the accuracy of your ICC workflow. The Digital Color Calibration Kit includes a unique set of targets, designed to meet the needs of the professional who is looking to fine-tune their workflow process. No matter if you are using film, or shooting direct to digital, this kit will assist you in increasing the accuracy from input to output. Accuracy Targets for Validating Workflow Included with the kit is an enhanced ST-34 Capture Density Strip, the AZTEK Color Reference Target and the new Color Accuracy Target. With these tools, you can measure the accuracy of your input and output devices in a multitude of ways. You will be able to fine-tune generated profiles, and get direct feedback on your capture device's ability to capture density information, thus enabling you to calibrate, profile and check the color accuracy of your workflow. Versatility Targets for Generating Profiles Versatility is key with respect to input and output devices and this kit delivers. The Digital Color Calibration Kit includes various sized IT8 targets. The included IT8 target formats are on 35mm, 6X7cm, 120, 4X5 in film and on 5X7 reflective photo paper.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review