De-Roller Cleaning Kit

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6.00 LBS
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Product Overview

The kit includes a one liter bottle of Kami Cleaner fluid along with a pack (150 count) of Aztek Optical Wipes.

Kami DC2001 is a 100% alcohol-free substance, formulated exclusively for the purpose of cleaning acrylic and sensitive polymer surfaces. DC 2001 cleans the surface immediately from all residues, e.g. oil, mounting tape residue and dirt. Evaporates quickly leaving nothing behind but a clean surface.


Aztek Optical Wipes: For use on optical sensitive surfaces found in scanners, scanner drums, display screens, camera lens and optical glass. AZ-Wipes are designed to encapsulate dust without leaving a residue, can be used with both glass and acrylic surfaces. Contains 150 wipes per package, 12" X 12" in size.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review