How to insure your printed Art and Photography lasts the test of time.

Posted by : Evan Lippincott is the VP of Technology at Aztek. Our Company Aztek is a Family business established over 35 years ago. It is my mission to provide the type of buying experience that would make the Founder of Aztek, my Father, proud. on 25th Nov 2015

Although from the exterior the SureColor P Series 24” and 44” printers look almost identical to the previous generation Stylus Pro 900 Series Printers. There are some slight appearance ques that can be seen that differentiate the SureColor P Series printers. For instance there is a brushed metal edge on the front paper door on all models as well a different user interface. In addition the 10 color HDX models have a black paper roll cover.

Under the hood of these printers are many huge advancements that make this a device in its own league. The ink in both the 8 color UltraChrome HD and 10 color UltraChrome HDX models have yielded a 200-400 year print life. Hence why the term Print Your Legacy is being coined to the SureColor product line. Models SCP6000, SCP7000, SCP8000 and SCP9000 represent the 24in through 44” models. Models SCP600 and SCP800 represent the desktop models.

In addition to the HD and HDX ink, Epson has released a placed some new tech in their print head called PrecisonCore.This increases the accuracy of dot placement and takes the already excellent print quality to a new level.There have also been features to improve print head life for printing applications that might be infrequent.Ink repelling coatings have been applied to the head surfaces. As well an auto maintenance routine can be turned on to allow the printer to perform nozzle cleanings and head checks unattended. For situations where humidity levels maybe low a user can adjust the schedules to be more frequent.Thus allowing users to setup an auto maintenance routine best suited for their usage and environmental conditions.

The HDX inks are newly formulated and use new resin coatings and can produce a much denser black than previously possible. In fact the pigment density of the Photo Black ink is 1.5x greater than that of the UltraChrome K3 and HDR formulations (found in the previous 900 and 890 Stylus Pro Series). The new ink formulation allows the pigments to sit much closer to the surface of the paper. The extra density extends the dynamic range of the machines, allowing them to produce a broader range of tones and to create prints that have greater contrast.

There are some new options now available for the printer line, one which is really handy is the print server.Which adds storage to the printer and manages incoming print jobs. Perfect for applications where multiple users need configurable rights and speed.There is also a take up reel option for the 44” models for those who require roll to roll printing and perform print trimming separately.

I have seen the output from these printers in person and have been very impressed by the improvements.In my opinion this is the best Epson printer to date and highly recommend for the most demanding professional.

To learn more I have put together a video that dives into the various options and performance aspects of the various models. Click here to view the SureColor P Series Printer Video