Archival Film and Print Scanning Services

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Product Overview

If your project requires quality capture, no matter if it is Film, Print or Fine Art capture you are looking for.  Our Custom Scanning offerings can help.

Our staff is very knowledgeable about best practices when it comes leveraging our imaging equipment, yielding the optimum capture of your originals.

What can be Scanned

Film originals:  Negative, Chrome, B&W flexible films up to 23" X 18" will be scanned on an Aztek Drum Scanner.  Film will be scanned at the optimum archival DPI supported by the particular type of film provided, up to a max DPL of 8000DPI.  This is dictated by the grain structure of the film dictates sample DPI and not all films are alike in this regard.

Printed originals:  Newspapers, Printed Documents, Aerial Photographs, Topographic Maps, Geologic Maps, Petroleum Maps, Color-coded or red-lined engineering drawings, Photographs, Posters, Renderings, Large Commercial Graphics, Drawings, Fine Art, Architectural, Large format drawing scanning, Blueprint scanning of architectural and construction plans, engineering mechanical drawings, Engineering Drawings, Architectural Drawings and Inkjet prints

Using our professional large format scanners, your documents are brilliantly captured up to a maximum 50,400 X 86,400 pixels over a 42" X 72" area when performed at 600DPI sampling. AZTEK wide format scanners can scan documents up to 42" wide by any length in full color, grayscale, or 1 bit black and white. (If file sizes larger than 4 gigabytes please speak to an Aztek representative) Choose from either 300 DPI or 600 DPI and file formats such as PDF, Tiff or JPG and we will take it from there.


Guidelines for Scanning Services

Scanning thick, extra wide documents are no longer an obstacle. With the ability to scan thick documents just over a half an inch in thickness thus greatly enhancing the range of scanning applications from small and thin sheets up to oversized, mounted originals. Our 42” wide scanner is the ideal solution for your wide format scanning needs.Our LARGE FORMAT DIGITAL COLOR SCANNER gives you the freedom to have your original flat artwork in digital form.



Pricing is done on the basis of what quality level is required and how many scans are performed. Price does not include any prep work on documents (e.g., removing staples), post-production on the image such as image enhancement or image manipulation, or shipping/delivery. (*Delicate materials may need special handling mounting and will be priced with an additional $50 charge, if this is determined you will be advised prior to performing the job)



AZTEK except Visa, Master Card and American express as well cash and checks. Payment is due upon completion of the job and prior to delivery.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review